5 Of The Very Best Clubs In Vegas

Aside from the gambling and partying, Las Vegas has cultivated a strong entertainment industry that has grown to become one of America’s best. It might be hard to notice in and amongst all the bright lights, slot machines and pool parties, but it’s certainly not lost on a lot of entertainment lovers who have flocked to the city of sin over the past few years to get their fix of music, theatre, sports, comedy, dance, and more.

Here are a few reasons why Las Vegas has developed on the of the best entertainment industries in America:

Money is Available - One of the prerequisites for a vibrant entertainment industry is the money to set it all up. Not just money from interested patrons, though that is a major part of the scenes eventual success. Money from local businessmen that want to invest in entertainment is the most important thing, and Vegas is full of investors of this kind. Vegas is full of influential people that have made money from the gambling industry and want to expand their portfolio. What better way to do that then to invest in theatre, music, sports, comedy, dance and more.

The Crowds Will Come - Another unique thing about Vegas that has set it up to be an entertainment capital is that gambling has always been popular. Gambling is not quite entertainment, but people that like to gamble also tend to enjoy some high quality singing from Elton John or the extraordinary curated dance shows from Cirque Du Soleil. Gambling all night and days is not really feasible either, and having an exciting alternative is usually very welcome.

A Dense Downtown - The Vegas strip is simply jam packed with entertainment spaces of all kinds. It makes it very easy to draw big walk up crowds with this kind of urban density. This in turn makes it possible to have shows that run for a long time. Take Jubilee, for example. Jubilee is a traditional showgirl performance that has been running non-stop since 1981. There are tons of other performances that have been running for 10 + years, get more info a clear sign that demand remains high all season long.

Diversity of Shows - Another great thing about Vegas is the diversity in entertainment options. There are so many different types of show that to make a list here would be difficult. Suffice to say that the best in theatre, dance, music, and comedy are all mainstays on the strip.

These are some of the reasons why Las Vegas is a great spot for a weekend getaway, a bachelorette party, or even a family vacation. There is enough entertainment here to keep the kids just as interested as the parents, something that cannot be said about many cities in the States.

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